Apple released an update to the Macbook Air line today, adding the latest Haswell processors and dropping $100 from the price in the process.

Thanks to the new processors, the Macbook Airs gained a slight bump in performance and a little more battery life, making the 11 inch model capable of lasting 9 hours while watching iTunes movies and the 13 inch model can now run for a full 12 hours in movie mode.

Starting at $899 for the 11 inch 128GB model, these laptops are particularly attractive for students. So should you get an iPad Air with 128GB of storage for $799 ($929 with LTE) or a Macbook Air with 128GB of storage for $899? Tethering your iPhone with the Macbook Air gives you LTE network accessibility, so now things get really interesting. It’s a tough choice, but I think I might go with the Macbook Air.

Drop by your local Apple Store and check them out!