Kevin began as a Systems Engineer at IBM, working on Local Area Networks and Microsoft LAN Manager installations. He moved on to technical support for IBM’s reseller community and customers, covering LANs and Intel server installations. Managing a team of 45 people, he also acted as Level 2 support specialist. Over 5 years as a support technician, he solved tens of thousands of problems, often under demanding situations with tight deadlines.

Kevin moved on to product management at IBM, managing the Intel server business for the US. This role required that he have a thorough understanding of the requirements in a Microsoft networking environment.

After 3 years as an Intel server product manager, Kevin moved on to Storage product management for the Intel and UNIX market in IBM’s Storage Systems Division. He was the first to release clustered storage solutions for Microsoft’s new “Wolfpack” clustered server solution based on IBM’s Serial Storage Architecture (SSA was the forerunner to today’s Fibre Channel solutions). These solutions solved for multiple direct attachment and seamless failover requirements.

In 1999 Kevin left IBM to join Sun Microsystems as a product manager, responsible for the next generation Fibre Channel storage solutions. Eighteen months later with the release of Sun’s high performance modular Fiber Channel product, Kevin took to the road to become the Storage Sales Specialist for APAC, where he met with Sun’s key customers, discussing how Sun’s new products could solve their needs. With key wins in telecommunications, petroleum, and transportation, he moved back into product management, this time as a product line manager.

Responsible for Sun’s entire high volume storage portfolio, Kevin led marketing and engineering teams and was responsible for product requirements for the portfolio. Kevin leveraged his extensive customer experience and love for details, to help craft a new product set that went on to break launch records at Sun. This new product set became a $400M per annum juggernaut for Sun.

As Sun began to fade from the marketplace, eventually getting bought by Oracle, Kevin went back to IBM as a sales specialist in the telecommunications space. He leveraged his technical background and his skill as a  customer problem solver to increase IBM’s POWER server footprint at his account.

After 25 years working for large companies, Kevin decided to leave the corporate workplace to focus on helping smaller businesses leverage the latest in technology. As Kevin worked with smaller companies, he noticed that many were using outdated computer hardware and software, which would cost these companies far too much in upkeep and additional fees like licensing and maintenance costs.

While human nature loathes change, Kevin decided to do what few companies were willing to do, show small companies how they can spend LESS money, not buy more products and services simply because they are new. Large companies have teams of people focused on vendor negotiations and designing new architectures that reduce overall costs. There was no one to do this for smaller companies. Until now.

Want to know if you got a good deal? Kevin can tell you; he's priced, sold, and negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars of business. Remember, Kevin hates waste, especially when it comes to hard earned money.